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Letter to Self: What would I like future me to have taken away from this experience?

Since I’ve been back from Morocco, I’ve had some time in between holiday madness to really reflect on the entire trip. This trip has helped me realize that my problems are not really problems at all. In a way I’ve always known that, but I needed a little reminder. Even though we had busy schedules on our trip, I was still able to learn so much about the people and the culture. I have taken away so much from this trip and I hope it remains the same in the future. However, the most important thing that I hope future me will have taken away from this is that the world is much bigger than I have ever imagined. I’ve always known how many continents there are and that there are hundreds of countries all over the world. But it became much more real when we began our journey to Morocco. Since I’ve been back, I’ve been much more aware of the world outside of mine. Before, I barely even knew what was going on in the United States, much less the rest of the world. Visiting Morocco has helped me put a face to the name. Everything became much more real and tangible once we stepped foot in Morocco. Even though some aspects were familiar to me like some of the food and the buildings and the colors, there is no place like Morocco. The stories that we heard from our host families, our professors from home, and our professors from Morocco are stories that I will never forget. The importance of history and tradition is embedded in the Moroccan culture despite the push for progressivism. That is something that I admire since it seems that we, Americans, are losing aspects of our culture that bring us closer together.

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