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The Kingdom of Morocco and How It Came to Be

In BBC’s documentary, “Kingdom of Morocco”, the spokesperson of the documentary mentioned how much of Africa’s history is not easily traced back due to a lack of transcripts. He mentioned, however, that in the case of Morocco the history is very prevalent in the contemporary Moroccan culture. One thing that was really interesting is the irrigation systems created by the Berbers. The irrigation system created landmarks throughout Morocco that can still be seen today. Many of the systems and creations made by the Berbers are still intact today. The entire Moroccan culture revolves around water. Because of the Berbers, Moroccans view water as more than just essential. They value water much more than we normally do as many of us take clean water for granted. Throughout Morocco, this is evident through the water systems. There are various wells and fountains that are either public or private and give access to pretty much everyone.

This documentary talked about how the Berbers used what they had to create the kingdom of Morocco. The Quran was taught and spread throughout Morocco. It also talked about how the center of Morocco was used to exchange stories, share culture, and just be with a variety of people. There are people of European and Spanish descent which makes the Moroccan culture that much more special.

As time went by, the downfall of the Berber rule had begun. As rulers changed, so did the focus of the culture. Money and wealth became more important and changed the way the people of Morocco lived. This documentary showed how architecture and design became important.

All in all, Berbers contributed a great deal to Moroccan culture and the Moroccan way of life.

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