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Must Try Food in Morocco

One thing that I am very excited to try is the food in Morocco.  Growing up I was a very picky eater and I personally feel that being that way has limited my experiences.  Over the years, I have become very open to new experiences, places, and most importantly FOOD.  This opportunity to not only visit a new country but become immersed in the culture has increased my curiosity by, well, a lot.  That being said, I have researched many different traditional Moroccan dishes and found that there are a few that visitors MUST try before heading back home.  According to many Moroccan travel blogs and websites, a traditional Moroccan dish is what is known as Couscous.  It is often described as “rolled semolina cereal”.  This dish can be served with a variety of items and it will still be delicious!  Some prepare the dish with dried beef, lamb, or even just cooked vegetables.  What makes this dish special is that it isn’t a dish that is served on a regular basis.  This dish is cooked mainly on Fridays or on special occasions like weddings, the endings of festivals, and funerals.  Some may incorporate this dish regularly because of the many health benefits the dish has to offer.  Many people turn to this dish because it is both filling and delicious and can be served in various forms.  I would personally love to try this dish because it is not normally served on a daily basis.  As I was researching the history of this traditional dish, I have learned that the exact origin of the dish can not be pinpointed.  However, many believe that this dish was invented by the Berbers.  Also, this dish can be dated back to the 13th century as it was referenced in a North African Cook Book.  I have also learned that Couscous is known around the world and may be served in many different varieties depending on where it is made. However, Moroccan Couscous is unique because it is considered the national dish of the Northern African country.   Fingers crossed that I will be writing about my experience with this dish in a future blog post!


Traditional Couscous


Quick History of Couscous

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