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Fez, Morocco: Places to go!

As I researched places to visit while in Fez, I found myself interested in almost every place mentioned on the internet.  This did not make my decision much easier but the more I read, the more I learned that there is really no bad choice when choosing a place to visit.  Since Fez has been attracting more tourists recently, the city is filled with the traditional along with more modern attractions.  I found myself more and more interested in Fez el-Bali.  The one thing that caught my attention is that it is “the world’s largest car-free urban space”.  I can’t say I have ever visited somewhere where there are absolutely no cars.  I was intrigued while reading the description of Fez el-Bali as it describes the winding roads and the bustling cafés that are next door to outdoor markets.  A few websites mention that in order to fully grasp the experience of it all, one should take a day and get lost in Fez el-Bali.  The winding roads can take you to various places.  You can either end up near a market, a dead-end, or witness the everyday life of the children in the streets.  While reading more about Fez el-Bali, I came across the history of how it all came to be.  The history can be traced back to the Idrisid dynasty; Fez el-Bali served as the capital in 789-808 AD.  The district is known as one of the oldest surviving medieval cities.  The oldest university can also be found in the heart of the medina in Fez el-Bali which is encouraged by many to visit.

Insider’s Travel Guide (Fez or Fes)

Fes el-Bali

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