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Where does Judaism fit in the evolution of Morocco’s identity?

Judaism has influenced Morocco’s identity in many ways.  As Dr. Rddad mentioned, the Jewish culture permeates Moroccan culture without many Jewish agents.  The native Jews, the Tushabin, spread throughout the world when they fled Morocco.  Although, their culture remained.  Today we learned that Moroccan born Jews are and always will be identified as Moroccan Jews, no matter where they are situated in the world.  Judaism further emphasizes Morocco’s perspective of religious tolerance.  Today we learned that the Moroccan Jewish community holds all the same rights as other Moroccans.  Some even hold high positions as part of the King’s advisory, or staff, like André Azouleic.  Jewish influence is apparent in Morocco’s identity and culture in many ways.  Judaism contributed a number of things including an entire community within Few and other places in Morocco.  The Mellahs are home to Jewish Moroccans and there we see a combination of the Jewish religion and the Moroccan culture.  For example, the Mellah we visited was located in Fess’s and it still seemed like part of the Fes atmosphere.  However, the layout was a bit different.  The Jewish Moroccan’s dynamics of space is different with the use of balconies and windows that look out onto the street.  It seems that after time has passed, Judaism fits in the evolution of Morocco’s identity as Morocco became more liberal.  The very fact that Jews are able to live peacefully in the Mellahs and visit synagogues to pray proves how Morocco has come to accept people no matter what their religion is.  As we toured the Art of pottery section of Morocco, it is evident that Jews even influenced tiles, art, and designs that we see throughout Morocco.  It also makes me wonder if the Jewish community contributed to the separation of men and women in Islam.  It was evident in the synagogue that women were separated from men just like in the mosques.  Although Morocco is a muslim majority country, other religions like Judaism and Christianity coexist in Morocco.  With people of different faiths, it is plausible that they would influence Morocco as a whole.  Morocco’s identity is shaped by the different faiths and influences from other countries.  Morocco is a place where people can coexist peacefully and identify themselves as Moroccan, no matter their religion.

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